2 05 2009

In order for schools and educators to even consider bringing media empowerment to the classroom, we are going to need funding.  As we all know, publice school funding gets the low priority in the national conversation.  As we develop a stronger need for more tech we will have to be creative about how and where we will get our needs taken care of.  This week I was lucky enough to earn a grant from a local Colorado computer donations program.  The program brings used business computers from the community and donates them for a small fee to the classroom.  The Jared Polis Community Computers Organization (NPO) does a great job of securing updated computers for teachers across the state.  I encourage you to find your local computer resource center.  Surely, there a re more of these such organizations throughout the country.  You can also help kids secure their own comuter through organizations such as Computers For Kids, who take old computers, re-build them and then make them available for students to lease or purcahe at a low cost.  One more idea is to encourage your school or district to help students buy computers new in computer buy programs, often times led by mahor organizations where the school can buy the computer and kids can pay for them at a group discounted rate.  What else are you doing to get computers in your classroom?  Anyone actually have computers in class?  How many?  Is it enough?