Save the Prize

16 10 2009



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19 10 2009
joe bustillos

Love the hat. Isn’t that the first comment that all YouTube Trolls would make? Keeping these films available for social comment and research and the public good are paramount. Too bad the almighty dollar trumps everything.

Back in the day when I used to try to get things done that required the approval of my principal, my first thought was how do I present this to my principal and make it sound like it totally was beneficial to his needs (which generally involved not rocking the boat, not costing any money and not inconveniencing his work routine). That is going to be the tact that one is going to have to take with the copyright holders and the government people involved in this question. It has to be presented in a way that totally addresses their insistence on making a buck on their property. Period. Things about the public good and “our rights to our own history” won’t mean crap. Somehow this has got to be about them maximizing on their investment. I’m thinking that getting Google involved and revenue sharing should be a part of it. Just a thought.

22 10 2009
23 10 2009
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