Scratch…much more than two turntables and a microphone…

19 10 2009

Mike Wiseangst posted this video and comments regarding Scratch and Logo.  The possibilities of Scratch will lead teachers and students to create better, more captivating ideas while learning root problem solving skills.  No longer is scratching something for DJs to do with vinyl records.  Students are already Scratching animations, presentations, prototypes, and games.  Check it out…

Picture 22

Picture 21




One response

22 10 2009
Nicole Bellerice

ooohhh my goodness… Sean, I would first like to say that your blog is just the coolest! As soon as your site opened I was completely drawn to the images you chose and when I began reading your postings I found myself very interested in what you had to say. Not to mention, all your entries are helpful in many ways. The iphone and apple updates are very informative, since I too am totally in love with all my apple products and can not wait for the tablet to come out. However, I would like to especially thank you for the Scratch tutorial posting. I first heard of it in the Ron Smith interview our month 9 MAC class and I plan on using Scratch for the first time in the Wk4 project. Watching the tutorial gave me the impression that it was very simple to use and I know my videos need some improvements. I am very sure this will not be the last time I use this application either.

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